dr. Pieternel Dijkstra

Social Psychologist Social psychological researcher, speaker and author. Constantly trying to increase my own and others’ understanding of how people think and behave in their social surroundings

About me

What is Social Psychology?

Social Psychology studies how people think and behave in their social surroundings, how they relate to others and themselves, and what influences their way of thinking and their behavior when alone, and with others.

When systematically applied, research findings and theory from the field of social psychology can provide insight into what and how human factors cause and sustain societal, organizational, educational, health and interpersonal problems, and shed light on how to prevent, solve or diminish these problems.

Work & Services

Education & Training

On request, I give lectures, training and workshops on social psychological topics.

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Psychological Tests

I develop psychological tests for diverse purposes, audiences and organizations.

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I provide individual and team coaching on the basis of the principles underlying ACT.

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Books and publications