dr. Pieternel Dijkstra

Social Psychologist


I have written more than twenty books on psychological topics, both student text books and books for the general audience.

Evidence-based coachen (Dutch)/Evidence-based coaching

Evidence-based coaching (EBC) refers to the practice of including insights and results from scientific research into the practice of coaching. It requires coaches to develop a sharp eye for the quality of coaching methods and their own functioning as a coach. The first part of the book describes the principles of EBC. The second part describes four evidence-based coaching methods that may be used by a coach working according to the principles of EBC, that is, rational emotive therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing and solution-focussed coaching.

Evidence-based coachen. 2019. Pieternel Dijkstra en Eefje Rondeel. 2019. Leiden: Educatief. ISBN: 9789041510761.

De hulpverleningscyclus (Dutch)/The assistance cycle

This book describes the five stages that can be distinguished in trajectories of professional caregiving and support in the social domain, that is, enrolment, assessment, advice, implementation and evaluation. It provides (future) social workers and other professionals working with people with psychosocial problems with a method to structure and substantiate their support to clients.

De Hulpverleningscyclus. 2019. Pieternel Dijkstra en Markus van Alphen. Leiden: Educatief. ISBN: 9789041510778.

Effectiever leren met leerstrategieën (Dutch)/Learning effectively with learning strategies

Learning strategies refer to the processes and actions that students consciously engage in to learn effectively. Many scientific studies have shown that, when used adequately, learning strategie improve self-regulated learning, motivation for school and school achievements, Based on scientific research, this book describes 14 learning strategies and their importance for learning. In addition, the book provides teachers and other professionals in education with tools to help students discover and use learning strategies in their learning process. With this book, also a set of coaching cards and a poster are developed that may further help implement the training of learning strategies in the classroom.

book for students and professionals; Dijkstra, first edition: 2015; fifth edition: 2018

Effectiever leren met leerstrategieën: Kaartenset (Dutch)/Learning more effectively: coaching cards

These cards can be used to coach individual students in their learning process by helping them discover and use those learning strategies that may improve their learning. These cards may also be used in the classroom to train groups of students to more effectively use learning strategies in order to enhance their learning.

tool for professionals; Dijkstra & Bunnik (2017).

Effectiever leren met leerstrategieën: Poster (Dutch)/Learning more effectively with learning strategies: Poster

This poster summarizes the 14 learning strategie known to enhance self-regulated learning. The poster can be used as a reminder for students to implement relevant strategies in their learning, and for teachers when explaining the importance and use of learning strategies.

tool for professionals; Dijkstra & Bunnik (2018).

Sociale psychologie: Inzicht in relaties en het functioneren van mensen (Dutch)/Social psychology: insight in human relationships and functioning

In eight chapters this book explains the most important principles of social psychology. This book helps readers gain insight in how people influence each other in their emotions, cognitions and behaviors. It also helps professionals in the field of human services to more effectively influence behaviors and their determinants, in order to motivate  people to live more healthy and prosperous lives.

book for students and professionals; Dijkstra (2018)

Mindfullness op het werk (Dutch)/Mindfulness at work

In this book the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), including mindfulness, are applied to themes, problems and challenges at work. The book provides the reader with tools to cope with work stress and other challenges related to modern working life.

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2015)

Inleiding in de persoonlijkheidsopsychologie (Ed., Dutch)/Introduction to personality psychology (editor).

In seven chapters the reader is introduced in the most importance topics of modern personality psychology. Examples of these topics are: the development of personality during the life span, models of personality, intelligence, personality assessment, the implication of personality for human functioning and health, and personality disorders.

book for students and professionals; Barelds & Dijkstra (Eds., 2016)

Gedrag en cultuur in organisaties (Dutch)/Human behavor and culture in organizations

In this book the authors provide the reader with an overview of important topics at different levels of analyses (individual – team – organization) from the field of organizational psychology. Theories and findings from scientific  research are combined with practical cases that help the reader gain an understanding of how organizations and the employees that work in these organizations function most effectively.

book for students and professionals; Dijkstra & Wildschut (2015)

Sociale psychologie: Inzicht in relaties (Dutch)/Social psychologie: insight in human relations

This book is an earlier edition of ‘Social psychology: insight in human relationships and functioning’

book for students and professionals; Dijkstra (2014)

Mindful communiceren voor hulpverleners (Dutch)/Mindful communication for medical and human service workers

Large part of the communication takes place without deliberate thought. Whereas this is mostly not a problem, in some situations a more mindful communication is wanted, for instance, in the contact beween medical and human service workers and their clients. Applying the principles of mindfulness to the communication may help more thoroughly base the communications on facts and the clients’ actual  verbal and non-verbal signals, rather than on assumptions, judgements and stereotypes in the mind of the service worker.

book for students and professionals; Dijkstra (2015)

Sociale psychologie en praktijkproblemen (Dutch)/Applying social psychology to problems in organizations and society

This book provides the reader with concrete steps that can be taken to develop an evidence-based intervention to deal with social-psychological problems in organizations and society. Examples of social-psychological problems that can be topic of such an intervention are bulling at work, environmental pollution, a lack of women in board positions, school dropout, a lack of work engagement, and obesity. This book helps the reader systematically develop an intervention that is both theoretically and practice-driven and that is aimed at a specific target group. The procedure described in this book enhances the likelihood that members of the target group will behave more effectively or healthy, by strategically influencing specific determinants of these behaviors.

book for students and professionals; Buunk & Dijkstra (2014)

Professioneel coachen (Dutch, Ed.)/Professional coaching (Ed.)

This book decribes the basic principles of coaching and informs the reader about the philosophy, procedures and concrete tools of several theory-driven and/or evidence-based coaching methods, such as solution-focussed coaching, motivational interviewing and online coaching. In 2019 an alternative for this book will be published that emphasizes even more the role of evidence-based practice in coaching and that includes a chapter on a relatively new, but scientifically based coaching method, that is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

student book; Dijkstra (Ed., 2012)

Relatiepsychologie (Dutch)/Psychology of human relations

student book; Dijkstra & Mulder (2012).

Positieve psychologie (Dutch)/Positive psychology

student book; Dijkstra & Smeets (2012)

Professioneel  hulpverlenen (Dutch)/Professional helping

student book; Dijkstra & Vincent (2012).

Op dezelfde golflengte (Dutch)/At the same wavelength: communicating more effectively

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2011).

Psychologie voor in bed, op het toilet of in bad (Dutch)/ Psychology: readings for bed and bathroom

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2011)

Kerncompetenties fysiotherapeuten in ontwikkeling (Dutch)/Core competencies for physical therapists

Dijkstra & Coppoolse (2010)

Mindful connected: beter communicaren met mindfulness (Dutch)/Mindful connected: enhancing communication by means of mindfulness

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2012).

Inleiding in de psychologie voor paramedici (Dutch)/Introduction in psychology for paramedics

student book; Dijkstra & Smeets (2010).

Inleiding in de psychologie voor verpleegkundigen (Dutch)/Introduction in psychology for nursing

student book; Dijkstra & Smeets (2010).

Het spiegelspel (Dutch)/The mirror game

card game; Dijkstra (2010).

Bevlogen aan het werk (Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese)/ Engaged at work

popular psychology book; Schaufeli & Dijkstra (2010).

Overleven in relaties (Dutch)/Surviving relationships

This book is an earlier edition of Psychology of human relations.

popular psychology book; Dijkstra & Mulder (2009).

Het relatiespel (Dutch)/The relationship game

card game; Dijkstra (2008).

Kerncompetenties in ontwikkeling kraamverzorgenden (Dutch)/Core competencies for labor and delivery nurses

student book; Dijkstra & Deusing (2010).

Zelfverzekerd door het leven (Dutch)/Self-confidence in life

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2009).

Omgaan met ziekelijke jaloezie (Dutch)/Coping with pathological jealousy

book for human service workers and clients; Dijkstra (2010).

Jaloezie (Dutch)/Jealousy

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2003)

Verlegen: meer zelfvertrouwen leren (Dutch)/Shyness: learning to become more self-confident

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2003).

Verhoog je relatie-IQ (Dutch)/Enhancing your relationship-IQ

popular psychology book; Dijkstra & Barelds (2007).

Omgaan met hechtingsproblemen (Dutch)/Coping with attachment problems

book for human service workers and their clients; Dijkstra (2010).

Je uiterlijk (Dutch)/Body image

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2005).

99% liefde (Dutch)/99% love

popular psychology book; Dijkstra & Jansen (2005).

Geluk (Dutch)/Happiness

popular psychology book; Dijkstra (2004).