dr. Pieternel Dijkstra

Social Psychologist

Contributions to society

In several ways I contribute to society and the wellbeing of the general public by means of the following (largely) unpaid activities:

  • Since 2003: president of the Stichting Relatieonderzoek/Foundation for Research on Relationships. Aim of this foundation is the acquisition of new knowledge on psychological processes in (intimate) relationships and the dissemination of this knowledge. An improved understanding of relationship functioning may contribute to preventing and solving relationship problems and the suffering that is caused by it. Activities of this foundation have led to several scientific publications on the topic of relationship processes (see ‘Research’ on this website). The foundation conducts its activities in cooperation with professionals from several institutions in the field of education, research and mental health.
  • Since 2018: member of the advisory board of the Stichting Eerlijke kans op onderwijs/Foundation for fair education. Aim of this foundation is to increase equal educational opportunities for children and adolescents on Curacao. Among other things, the foundation promotes scientific research on learning strategies, student motivation and students’ need fulfilment. These scientific findings are then disseminated to relevant stakeholders, in order to improve educational policy and practice on the island (see also photos below).
  • Since 2001: on a regular basis, I share my knowledge and insights in interviews with journalist from several media (magazines, newspapers, radio and television) on psychological topics relevant to a broad audience. To me these interviews are opportunities to disseminate scientific knowledge and the practical implications that can be derived from it, to a broad audience that may, hopefully, benefit from this knowledge.
  • Since 2001: by means of my books I aim to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the practical implications that can be derived from it. By writing books I hope to contribute to both the psychological wellbeing of the readers (self-help books) and the professionalism of students and professionals (educational books).

From left to right: mrs. Van Brummen-Girigori, mrs Camelia-Römer (minister of Health), mrs Dijkstra

From left to right: mrs. Braun- Nisbet, mrs Alcalá-Wallé (minister of Education), mrs Dijkstra, mrs Van Brummen-Girigori, mr. Kleinmoedig.