dr. Pieternel Dijkstra

Social Psychologist

Education & Training

In the field of education, I am and have been active in the following roles:

  • Developer of educational material and textbooks for Bachelor and Master students in the field of Psychology, Education and Social Work (2005 – now).
  • Trainer Integrative behavioral couple therapy (IBCT; 2019- now)
  • Lector of the Master and Bachelor of Applied Psychology of both the NTI and NCOI University of Applied Sciences (2012-2018).
  • Head teacher of the Module Psychology in Organizations for AOG (University of Groningen; 2019-now).
  • Trainer Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) at See True Educations (2014-2017)
  • Expert and trainer at Strategy for Learning (2018 – now)
  • I am involved in research on social psychological topics relevant for education, and I supervise Bachelor and Master students in their research activities.
  • As a speaker and teacher I provide lectures and workshops on request about several topics.

On request, I give lectures, training and workshops on social psychological topics. Below you find some photos of my work on Curacao. In 2017 and 2018 I gave, in coöperation with SIGE and the University of Curacao, lectures on learning and growth mindset both at the University, SIGE and at a local secondary school. For a webinar on learning strategies on Curacao visit: https://sige.webinar-curacao.com

Requests for workshops and lectures may be send to: